NAG-CITY is a partnership of Geological Surveys within the Northeast Atlantic Geoscience (NAG) group of geological surveys which operates under a cooperative framework agreement signed on 15th September 2008.

NAG surveys

The NAG surveys have identified five theme areas in which there is significant overlap between their interests of the surveys. These include:

  1. Tectonic development of the North Atlantic
  2. The North Sea
  3. Seabed mapping
  4. Urban geology
  5. Groundwater issues

The NAG-CITY partnership

The NAG-CITY partnership has common aims, objectives and long-term aspirations in relation to urban geology and also addresses groundwater issues in and around urban areas.

Uniting geological surveys

NAG-CITY brings together the national geological surveys of Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the state geological survey of Hamburg. Under the initiative, each survey is working closely with partner cities/municipalities in their own countries.