NAG-CITY partners have, since the group was formed in June 2011, been building the network, through a series of meetings and discussions, identifying key urban subsurface issues, and developing its strategy. To achieve this, the partners have agreed to share their collective urban:

  • skills
  • expertise
  • knowledge
  • methodologies
  • technical capability
  • experience, particularly with decision-makers and other end-users

NAG-CITY will as a result develop shared capabilities through common work programmes on:

  • improved data capture, management, re-use, delivery – facilitate by standard digital data formats/ schemas
  • refined 3D and 4D subsurface modelling workflows , model linkages and web delivery of models
  • targeted research and technical development (some with research institutes/universities)

Most importantly, a workshop was held in Utrecht on 16th March 2012, which brought together for the first time representatives of the NAG-CITY geological surveys and most of their partner cities (Glasgow, Odense, Hamburg, Oslo, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam). The workshop, through a series of presentations and discussions, demonstrated the collective potential of NAG-CITY to City Partners and identified the way forward for the group as a whole (surface/subsurface issues we need to address, synergies, priorities for NAG-CITY if it is to assist decision making).

Past meetings: